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We welcome you to explore the unique lifestyle offered in the Hudson / St-Lazare area. Hudson St-Lazare region features the tranquility of country living with the facility of being close to the city. Where else could one golf or play tennis in the morning, horseback ride at noon, go sailing in the afternoon and attend the theatre in the evening!  (read more...)



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    Royal LePage Quebec Awards Gala
    Published on Tuesday, Feb. 08, 2012
    Paul and Diane Laflamme - Quebec awards Gala

    The annual Royal LePage Quebec Awards Gala was held at The Chateau Royale, Laval on Friday, February 3rd. It was a success evening as Royal LePage went all out to celebrate the performance of the top Brokers in Quebec.

    Paul and I would like to personally thank Royal LePage Village for treating us to a first class event. We are thrilled to be working under the umbrella of Royal LePage Village and would like to acknowledge the fact that we very much enjoy working with our collegues in Hudson, L'Ile-Perrot and West Island. It was an honour to attend this fabulous evening!

    2011 was a good year. Our hard work paid off. Paul and I achieved the Director's Platinum Award. The threshold level required to attain the Director's Platinum Award is the top five percent of each residential market's sales representatives' earnings. Earnings are defined as gross closed and collected commissions in the preceding year.

    The majority of our business originates from repeat clients and referrals. We would like to sincerely thank our friends and clients - and clients who have become friends, for choosing us to buy or sell their homes. It is our pleasure to help you.

    Diane Laflamme


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    Colour is often the first thing you notice about a room.

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    Spring Has Sprung a Leaky Roof

    Globe and Mail Update
    Published on Wednesday, Sep. 08, 2010

    As Canada’s housing market softens, the question for many homeowners is how much prices might decline.

    The Conference Board of Canada waded into the debate Wednesday, saying there will not be a “free fall” in the market but rather a pause in what has been, in recent years, rapid price increases.

    The comments come on the same day the Bank of Canada raised its key lending rate for the third time in a row, though it cautioned that further increases aren’t set in stone. The central bank’s record low interest rates over the past year have been a main reason for the recent boom in the country’s housing market.

    Canada’s real-estate market has now lost its lustre, but it won’t see the steep price declines occurring in the U.S., today’s report said.


    This is a sample of the types of articles that appear in the eNewsletter.

    Making a first impression

    So you've decided to take advantage of the booming spring market and put your house up for sale. As you know, buying a house is the most important purchase a consumer can make.

    So it's understandable that when prospective buyers come through your house, your home will be scrutinized like it's never been before (well not since you bought it anyway!). Everyone knows you never get a second chance to make a first impression, so consider implementing the following cost-effective suggestions, before you welcome any potential buyers. 

    Consider the view that people see when they first drive up. To ensure that you don't send any potential buyers running down the driveway before they even see
    the house, make sure the exterior of the home is spotless. Paint or wash as necessary and don't forget to mow the lawn and spruce up any outdoor greenery.

    Upon entering your home, what will they see? If you have a room that makes a statement when you walk in, perhaps the walls are painted a very bright colour or the style of furniture is eclectic, potential buyers may have a difficult time picturing their own stuff in the room.

    A fresh coat of paint in a neutral colour is an inexpensive but proven technique for increasing the appeal of any home. A clean, fresh smell makes a good impression. Try placing air fresheners in closets to eliminate musty smells. The smell of freshly baked bread also goes a long way. Don't go overboard though – not everyone likes the strong scents of potpourri or incense.

    Of course, it goes without saying that clean and bright equals a sale. Scrub, clean, wash windows, walls, floors and tiles and shampoo dirty carpets – leaving no stone unturned. Clean under sinks, repair any leaks and clean up any damage. Use special cleaning agents to rid toilets, tubs and sinks of stains. If you have lots of stuff, it's hard for potential buyers to see around it to see the room.

    Store any miscellaneous items, making sure to keep the garage, basement, attic and any closets tidy. This will make your house look more spacious and clean.

    Make repairs as necessary. If the baseboard around the cupboard is loose, for example, get out the hammer or glue and fasten it securely. Are the handles on the closet door wobbly? If so, get out the screwdriver and tighten them. Potential buyers don't want to have to look after a bunch of little things when they move in and they may subconsciously be noting all the little repairs.

    In the end, they might reject the house because they think all the minor repairs will amount to a lot of work for them. By implementing these simple tips, you can ensure that your house will be off the market in no time!

Did You Know

As Canada’s housing market softens, the question for many homeowners is ...
(read more)

Colour is often the first thing you notice about a room. Using the right colour palette will make... (read more) 


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